The Guitar Pick shows up representing the Fleur de lis on Fat Tuesday

13 Feb

I have always been a fan of the fleur de lis, always been attracted to the pretty shape of it whether on clothing or accessories. The fleur de lis means “lily flower” and is most commonly associated with the French Royal Emblem. It is present on 14 different flags and 10 coat of arms. It is tied closely to New Orleans, New Orleans Saints and everything Louisiana. This shape has also appeared in decorative artwork from the earliest of civilizations. It is an alluring shape especially for those who find inspiration in nature.

As owner of a rock and roll jewelry company and as one who finds inspiration in nature you could image my delight to discover a fleur de lis guitar pick. Fleur de lis earrings were the perfect addition to this collection of guitar pick jewelry. There are many Rock N The Trend clients who became clients for the love the fleur de lis jewelry. The unusual combination of guitar pick and fleur de lis graphic really grabs your attention. The pretty fleur de lis guitar pick earrings are available in several styles depending on your taste.

I have come to find that its popular symbol has multiple meanings. I have met clients who love the New Orleans Saints. (A passionate football crowd.) I have met those who love New Orleans and the incredible presence this symbol has had on this city’s art and architecture. The fleur de lis is significant today for the very spirit of New Orleans and the Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Celebration it is so famous for.

I have to give a shout out to Miss Pamela at The BISS List who is wonderfully connected in the San Francisco music scene for putting Fat Tuesday back on my radar and the reminder that the fleur de lis can also be spelled fleur de lys as well as fleurs de lys. My bad.

As for the cool fleur de lis jewerly that is offered by Rock N The Trend, please see for yourself if you want to represent your flower power here.


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