San Jose Local is learning how to promote Music + Fashion with the Academy Awards

15 Feb

It all happened so fast. I get home from a business trip in Anaheim and boom an email from a talent coordinator is in my inbox…hmm mm…this is interesting. I come to discover an invitation to represent Rock N The Trend at the 85th Academy Awards Show. So let me explain what all of this means. I have been invited to showcase my company’s line of guitar pick jewelry at a private event hosted by the Academy Awards.
The Academy invites all of the celebrities who are involved with the production of The Oscars in such ways as; being a nominee (A girl can dream of seeing Bradley Cooper…don’t judge me.) being a host, performer or announcer as well as behind the scenes The Academy and Producers. This private event is held separately from the Academy Awards Show. It takes place the day before in a “secret” location. Here is an opportunity for a hand-selected group of boutique companies (This cool gal, Anna, from NYC Guitar World Magazine said this in reference to my company and I thought it sounded really cool. Thoughts?) to mingle with the actors. (Who knows maybe Ben Affleck will make an appearance. I could totally see him accessorizing with a pair of guitar pick cuff links in black. They are elegant edge. He could pull it off.)
Here is the deal…the boutique companies all have to pay a fee to participate in the event. Now the celebrities that come through the gift lounge (this is the correct vernacular for the event) are there to check out all the cool stuff and be showered with complimentary gift. Yes, I will be giving my collection of guitar pick jewelry away for free…happily and Yes, I know. “How cool is it to be an actor?” As they happily reciprocate the gesture with photographs and hopefully feel inspired to give a shout out to @rocknthetrend via Twitter. Spreading the word about a cool new line of jewelry with an unusual spin on the guitar pick is infusing music and fashion into original pieces of art. Now that would be an awesome end to this story. Please stay tuned.


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