Behind the Scenes of Designing for Celebrities at Academy Awards

18 Feb

This story is a continuation of Rock N The Trend’s quest to infuse music + fashion with guitar pick jewelry at the Academy Awards gift lounge. There are quite a few preparations to consider for such an event. What do I bring? How many and for whom? How do I display it? These are the top three big questions floating around in my head right now. We at Rock N The Trend have been very focused on designing a top-notch representation of our collection for upwards of 140 celebrities plus entourage (up to our discretion). That is quite a few pieces of jewelry to bring yet how do you pair it down enough to showcase all the incredible designs yet have enough inventory to have multiples of only a handful of pieces. Yes, try to follow that one.
All in all, this event has provided a wonderful opportunity to execute on several new ideas for Rock N The Trend’s 2013 Guitar Pick Jewelry Collection. Currently we have been working on guitar pick necklacees and bracelets with a current emphasis on expanding our jewelry line for men. We are very excited to be releasing an upgrade to the Men’s Guitar Pick Necklace and look forward to dedicating a blog on the cool new refinements to the design. We have also have been working on some unique approaches to clasping mechanisms on bracelets. We are gravitating towards more of a magnetic closure system. We are also mixing it up on the design and construction side of the bracelet testing the boundaries of symmetry and asymmetry. I have to blame my education and passion for architecture when incorporating such ideas as balance and symmetry. The guys and gals at the gift suite will be the first to preview these new additions. We will be updating you with more details as well as photos of new releases. Please stay tuned for more details on jewelry and display designs.


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