I Wanna Rock! The Academy Awards with guitar pick jewelry.

21 Feb

Let me start by giving you a snap shot in time Date: 2/19, Time Midnight. We are on the cusp of two full days left before departure to LA. (Planning to stop production tomorrow 2/20 at 3:00pm.) One important part of preparing for this event is to remember there is more than just the jewelry to prepare for. With this being said, it is incredibly difficult to stop production right now because the jewelry is coming together so beautifully. Let me give you a few highlights. There are translucent purple guitar picks and gorgeous jeweled colors of blue, teal, red guitar picks to choose from…layered into the mix are cool graphic guitar picks bringing sugar skulls, polka dots and fleur de lis into the collection. Creating a shnazzy appearance. It looks really sexy.
Here are some fun facts:
I have roughly 180 pieces (75% women 25% men). The gals will have a choice between earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. The guys will choose between necklaces, bracelets or cuff links. This is large amount of jewelry that needs to be organized and counted (for so many reasons it makes my head want to explode). This preparation ensures a seamless show where once a piece is selected I know where to go to hand the guest a packaged piece. Each piece of jewelry is attached to a white card which includes the name of my website rocknthetrend.com and an additional company card is included with the mix. Current strategy one piece per celebrity.
When selecting the styles we thought best suited for the event we went with went with a more classic approach. When I say classic I mean designs that would appeal to Audrey Hepburn. If I had to coin it it would be Classical Glam. We will be showcasing the Cuff Bracelet and Flower Necklace as well as pieces from our guitar pick ring collection and several varieties of earrings. These pieces are elegant and glamorous. They are pieces of art. There is a simplicity, a beauty, a balance that makes them so alluring. Wish me luck in luring the talent. (talent = celebrity)
Another way the talent may be lured, toward yours truly is, by a kick ass display. We are doing an edgy motif with a black back drop paired against the contrast of white jewelry boards and displays that will showcase guitar pick jewelry with all its bright colors, shiny metals and gleaming crystals. There will be a cool electric guitar (yes a real guitar) and 5’ jewelry tower to name a few highlights. Please stay tuned…



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