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how to create stunning bracelet photographs

31 Mar

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A pretty picture goes a long way. It is amazing how powerful a pretty picture can be in the decision making process of purchasing. It goes far even deeper into our decision making psyche but the point being a pretty picture sells product and for this case we are talking jewelry. All those in the product selling world should be privy to this pretty picture insight. (I have been dying to get in an alliteration. “Alliteration – a word group either with the same consonant sound or sound group).” Place your product in the best possible light…literally.

Being an amateur photographer, I have photographed Rock N The Trend’s 2012 Collection and have felt first hand the pain staking details it takes to pull this off. I have come to discover two important factors that weigh heavily on a successful outcome: (1) equipment and (2) light. To give you a point of reference, my photography studio is comprised of an EZ Cube. I am not dissing the Cube it has empowered my amateur skills to produce a strong assortment of product shots. I have used these images on my website and social media campaigns. An additional help were the numerous websites and videos that can be found online. I searched “best way to photograph jewelry” and found a couple insightful websites. This site was the most helpful  especially since I was interested in photography with acrylics to create a subtle reflection adding depth and style

Back to equipment and light. These are the two reasons I made it a 2013 goal to hire an experienced photographer. (Not an easy task on a shoe string budget but I have pulled it off mostly thanks to friends.) I have spent the past two Saturday’s in a product photo shoot. It is amazing the learning curve that takes place from the first shoot to the second and soon to be a third. I wanted to share with you a major success from today’s shoot. The photographs of our cuff bracelet collection turned out fabulous. I am attaching an unedited image.

The biggest challenge when photographing these pieces were to give it a three dimensional look. The cuff bracelet lays beautifully around the wrist but on its own can only lay flat and looses the wonderful characteristic of a cuff bracelet. What prop could be used to create this 3d effect on a 2d object beyond a traditional T-Bar bracelet display? (Please do not get me started on the non-sexy jewelry displays out there.) I have always been attracted to a clean, modern style for jewelry displays so looking to acrylic as a medium for some custom pieces made sense. The crew at Tap Plastics has been beyond helpful. I have come discover Tap has acrylic tubes in diameters (a straight line) of 2″ thru 3″ in 1/4″ increments. These work out well when designing to standard jewelry sizes for men’s and women’s bracelets meaning 7″ bracelet fits on a 2″ diameter acrylic tube and 8″ bracelet fits on a 2.5″ tube. You can order the tube in any length from 1″ to 2′. For the purpose of the cuff bracelet I order a 2″ diameter acrylic tube at 2″ long. I am very happy with the results. The importance of the pretty pictures inherently means to capture the quality of the piece. This prop is stunning way to showcase a 2d piece in 3d fashion. Please see images.