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A guide: How to accessorize for your body type.

17 Jul

As a designer, one of our biggest challenges is measurement. How long or short or do we design products? What measurement will fit the widest audience of consumers? In the fashion accessories world, it is our desire to provide you with the best product with the best fit. Often times we refer to anthropometric data (the study of human body measurement) to understand how long or how wide to make jewelry.

In fashion, the fit of the jewelry is significant in two ways. 1. How it fits on your body and 2. How it fits with your overall body type. This is a guide on how to select your accessories to best work with your body type. It is our goal to recommend accessories to not only complement your outfit but also your body type.

For this article we selected the four body types we have had the most experience with: Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Hour Glass. Please remember every body type is beautiful.

Find your body type based on the chart and following descriptions:

Triangle: Shoulders and torso that are narrower than the hips.

Inverted Triangle: Shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip-line.

Rectangle: Your hips and shoulders are pretty much the same width.

Hour Glass: Hip and bust are almost of equal size, with a narrow waist.

Body-Chart on how to accessorize for body type

Here are a few tips on how to compliment your outfit and your body type.

Triangle Do’s: Select pieces of jewelry that will attract attention away from the hips such as a statement necklace or large earrings.

Triangle Do not’s: Stay away from drawing attention to the hips. No belts, bangles or big bracelets.

Inverted Triangle Do’s: Select pieces that will attract attention away from broad shoulders and toward your smaller hips such as long necklaces, big bracelets, bangles or belts.

Inverted Triangle Do not’s: Stay away from pieces that will draw attention to shoulders. No to short bulky necklaces or large statement earrings.

Rectangle Do’s: Select pieces that highlight both hip and shoulder areas creating a defined waist line. Yes to  big statement necklaces, big earrings, bangles, bulky bracelets and low-waisted belts.

Rectangle Do not’s: Stay away from pieces that draw attention to your midriff. No to long necklaces and high-waisted belts.

Hour Glass Do’s: Select pieces that will create a balanced look between shoulders and hips such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are similar in size and bulk.

Hour Glass Do not’s: Stay away from pieces that have a noticeable difference in size for example a chunky necklace paired with smaller sized bracelet or earring’s. The goal being proportion and symmetry.

Thank you to Perception & Co. for the body chart image and Stay Trendy blog spot for input.


Holy Plectrum! What are guitar picks made from?

11 Jul

We are a material conscious world in many aspects but in this case the interest is focused on what things are made of and even better what are guitar picks made of. Here we will go over the highlights on what guitar picks were made of, why the industry changed and what you will find being used today.

Guitar Picks were originally made out of tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell was used to produce combs, sunglasses, guitar picks and knitting needles. This material was popular with consumers because of its beauty, durability and pleasing tactile quality.

The tortoiseshell comes from the slow moving Hawksbill Turtle. This reptile is on the endangered species list and banned from trade in 1973 causing a shift within the industry to find a new material replicating the flexibility, durability and sound produced by the tortoiseshell.

The industry turned its attention to plastics as a means to duplicate the tortoiseshell experience. It made sense to pursue this material since plastics were not a new material to the guitar pick world. They had been using plastics in the manufacturing of guitar picks as early as the 1920’s.

Today you will find most guitarist with a plastic or nylon pick. The pick making industry offers a nice variety of different plastics (nylon, polyethylene, celluloid and others) each offering it own unique distinction. Other less common materials, because they can cause harm to the strings, are copper, bronze and steel. Lastly, and even more exclusive are stone, wood and leather picks which have their own natural beauty and tonal qualities.

The materials that make up guitar picks have a unique story. There are many different material options and each offer their own unique qualities. Whether it is nylon, wood or steel. It is all about how it sounds and how it feels. Only the guitar player knows which is the right fit.

tortoiseshell guitar pick tortoiseshell products

Hollywood Hunk is helpless against Music Inspired Jewelry

9 Jul
Rock N The Trend at the event 2013 Oscar Talent Gift Lounge

Rock N The Trend at the event 2013 Oscar Talent Gift Lounge

6th Annual Television Academy Honors, Beverly Hills

Brett Stimely is Rock N the Trend in these cuff links at the 6th Annual Television Academy Honors, Beverly Hills

Rock N The Trend had the good fortune of being invited to promote their collection of guitar pick jewelry to the Celebrities of Hollywood at a pre-Oscar Event. This event titled The Gifting Lounge is an opportunity for boutique companies such as ours to get our name/brand out in the public eye and on public figures. I have talked about the inter-workings of these gifting suites in a previous blog titled I Wanna Rock! The Academy Awards with Guitar Pick Jewelry.

I had the opportunity to meet celebrity guests first hand, talk about my company, adorn them with jewelry and then take photographs. You can see many of these images on my website page “PDA”. I met many awesome people and made many great connections. I keep in touch with several actors/actresses, musicians, and singers. It is really cool to have some of these celebrities promote me on Facebook and Twitter. I love it when the handsome Christian Keyes retweets a post or the adorable J. Michael Trautmann retweets a promotion. I am eternally grateful.

I also had the opportunity to work one-one-one with a few celebrities to create custom pieces. Brett Stimely the Handsome Hunk I am referring to in the title was one of those actors.  You may remember Brett from such movies as Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the Watchmen where he (frequently) portrays the character of John F. Kennedy. You can see why.

Brett was so much fun to work with. I really enjoy working with male clients especially the Los Angeles and Las Vegas crowd. These men have no fear when it comes to fashion accessories. In fact, the more bling the better which is a breath of fresh air relative to the more conservative Nor Cal man. (No complaint and no comparison just different.) It just made for some real fun knowing Brett was open to big, bold and bling.

The choice to do cuff link’s was obvious. The Guitar Pick Cuff Link’s were such a hit in the celebrity lounge. They were the right combination of fashion, flair and style. For Brett, we selected a Red Skull Guitar Pick – Day of the Dead Inspired to create a custom set of cuff links. The guitar picks are then adorned with Swarovski Crystals hand placed along the outline of the pick and set in the eyes. These embellishments bring the guitar pick cuff link to life. The combination of metal, guitar pick and crystals makes for a rock n elegant man.

Check out these photos: