A guide: How to accessorize for your body type.

17 Jul

As a designer, one of our biggest challenges is measurement. How long or short or do we design products? What measurement will fit the widest audience of consumers? In the fashion accessories world, it is our desire to provide you with the best product with the best fit. Often times we refer to anthropometric data (the study of human body measurement) to understand how long or how wide to make jewelry.

In fashion, the fit of the jewelry is significant in two ways. 1. How it fits on your body and 2. How it fits with your overall body type. This is a guide on how to select your accessories to best work with your body type. It is our goal to recommend accessories to not only complement your outfit but also your body type.

For this article we selected the four body types we have had the most experience with: Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Hour Glass. Please remember every body type is beautiful.

Find your body type based on the chart and following descriptions:

Triangle: Shoulders and torso that are narrower than the hips.

Inverted Triangle: Shoulders are noticeably wider than your hip-line.

Rectangle: Your hips and shoulders are pretty much the same width.

Hour Glass: Hip and bust are almost of equal size, with a narrow waist.

Body-Chart on how to accessorize for body type

Here are a few tips on how to compliment your outfit and your body type.

Triangle Do’s: Select pieces of jewelry that will attract attention away from the hips such as a statement necklace or large earrings.

Triangle Do not’s: Stay away from drawing attention to the hips. No belts, bangles or big bracelets.

Inverted Triangle Do’s: Select pieces that will attract attention away from broad shoulders and toward your smaller hips such as long necklaces, big bracelets, bangles or belts.

Inverted Triangle Do not’s: Stay away from pieces that will draw attention to shoulders. No to short bulky necklaces or large statement earrings.

Rectangle Do’s: Select pieces that highlight both hip and shoulder areas creating a defined waist line. Yes to  big statement necklaces, big earrings, bangles, bulky bracelets and low-waisted belts.

Rectangle Do not’s: Stay away from pieces that draw attention to your midriff. No to long necklaces and high-waisted belts.

Hour Glass Do’s: Select pieces that will create a balanced look between shoulders and hips such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets that are similar in size and bulk.

Hour Glass Do not’s: Stay away from pieces that have a noticeable difference in size for example a chunky necklace paired with smaller sized bracelet or earring’s. The goal being proportion and symmetry.

Thank you to Perception & Co. for the body chart image and Stay Trendy blog spot for input.


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